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10 condition to be a maiko [Ookini zaidan] ~ 成為舞妓需具備的10項條件

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Baika sai 2008 by Dave Lumenta

Photo: Baika sai (2008) by Dave Lumenta

All girls must have being interested in the life of maiko at least once. Their black wareshinobu hairstyle and long and gorgeous darari obi sash are so attractive. No doubt that there are many maiko experience studio in Kyoto and they are popular. However, it is not so easy to be a real maiko in reality. There are several conditions. If you meet all of them, then you are able to be a maiko!

1. Maiko is an apprentice of professional female entertainer

It is not an ordinary job. Maiko is an apprentice who wish to be full hedge entertainer.

2. The age must be between 15 and 17

It is too late to start the training period when you finish high school (18 years old). The best timing is 15 years old.

3. The height should be shorter than 160 cm

A maiko should not be too tall. When you wear okobo (high wooden shoes), it will add another 10 cm on your height.

4. The weight must be over 43 kg

Because the maiko costume is really heavy, you have to be over 43 kg.

5. Parents’ consent

Because you are under 20, you need the permission from your parents to be a maiko.

6. Fondness to traditional Japanese entertainment

You don’t have to have an experience, but it is important that you have a sense of sound.

7. Fondness to Japanese life style

Everything is Japanese style: kimono, tea ceremony, flowers arrangement, ozashiki (Japanese room) manner and you have to use high wooden pillow when you go to bed. Therefore you must love Japanese style living.

8. Overwhelming patience

While you are in shikomi period (pre-training before maiko), everything must be learned: manners, washing, cleaning, shopping, other trivial things in the life and what is the most important is to learn how to speak Kyoto dialect.

9. No monthly tuition fee required

You don’t have to pay for anything. Everything including living expense, lesson fee, etc. are responsible for okiya.

10. Training period

Including shikomi (pre-training before maiko) and disciple period, you have to expect to spend 4-5 years as a maiko.

These are 10 necessary conditions to be a maiko, and of course this is not everything. Another important point is if you can make a good relationship with your elder maiko and geiko. The okasan (the manager) will strictly watch you while you are in training…

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…Thanks to Dave Lumenta for the Ookini zaidan’s saying:

OOtagai ni (each other)

OOmoiyari (to respect others)

KiKikubari shite (to be sensitive to others’ feelings)

NiNikoya Ni (with smile)


幾乎所有的女孩都曾至少有過一次成為舞妓的夢想。她們烏黑的“割忍”髮型和長垂而華美的“長垂式腰帶”是如此的鮮亮奪目。因此毫無疑問,在京都設有許多舞 妓變身體驗館,而且很受歡迎。然而,現實中成為一名真正的舞妓並非如此簡單,需要具備一些條件。只有符合所有的條件,您才能成為一名舞妓!


1. 舞妓是藝妓學徒


2. 年齡必須在15至17歲之間


3. 身高應低於160cm


4. 體重必須超過43kg


5. 父母的同意


6. 對日本傳統娛樂的喜愛


7. 對日本生活方式的喜愛


8. 極強的忍耐力


9. 無需每月繳納學費


10. 培訓期



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